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Easy to get.

Easy to load.

Easy to use.

•  Download the app to register your account.

•  Load your account directly on the app.

•  Exchange currency in real-time, anytime anywhere.

•  Spend at millions of merchants across the globe.

•  Earn EuroBonus Extra points on all your purchases.

The new way to earn EuroBonus Extra points across the globe.

Use your Travel Wallet™ Card while on trips and you will earn 15 points for every equivalent of 100 SEK that you spend. If you happen to use your card at home, you will earn 2 points for every equivalent of 100 SEK that you spend.

Peace of mind
travels with you.

•  Benefit from chip and PIN protection.

•  Use the virtual card for safe online shopping.

•  Block and unblock your cards using the app.

Discover the world,
one currency at a time.

Load your Travel Wallet™ with SEK and exchange your money into 12 popular foreign currencies, so you can shop like a local while traveling abroad.

Danish Krone


Hong Kong Dollar

US Dollar

Turkish Lira

Thai Baht

Swiss Franc

Norwegian Krona

Japanese Yen

Polish Zloty

Singapore Dollar

Great British Pound

Time is money.

Access your balances, exchange rates, recent

purchases and more, directly from your wrist.

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